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Hello and Welcome to The Utonagan Society!

The Utonagan are a 1xbet kod promocyjny i bonus od depozytu wonderful, affectionate, family dog with no intended working purpose; though they are very versatile if their owners choose to train them in a particular discipline. They have been bred as a wolf look-a-like - but with no wolf content - selectively bred from Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd type dogs, starting from around the mid-eighties. Our FAQ has more details.

The Utonagan Society has always been a small group but these days we are tiny and for the most part inactive. This can be attributed to several points, but 1xbet bonus od depozytu the main factor has to be that when you get a number of people together to form an organisation not all of them are going to agree on the direction that organisation should take. The Utonagan Society tried to take a hard stance on ethical breeding, which turned out to be the beginning of the end.

There are no doubt other Utonagan groups in existence but we are not affiliated with any of them and have reduced 'The Utonagan Society' to an information source only at the present time.

Thank you and we hope the rest of the site has some useful information for you. Please bear with us regarding any pages that are out of date, they will be removed or 1xbet kod promocyjny modified in due course.

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