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What were Utonagan originally bred for?

The Utonagan is quite unique in the dog world for being the only large breed dog bred to emulate something else (a wolf) with no working purpose in mind. They are essentially a companion dog. With 3 working breeds in their ancestry however, it is not surprising that they can be trained for various purposes, if desired. The difference is that each dog may have it's own speciality, as it were; i.e. some may excel at sledding, others may not see the point! Many have qualified as PAT (Pets As Therapy) dogs, but there are some who would be too nervous. The latter does seem to be one of the better occupations for a Utonagan though, as his exemplary temperament is one of the major requirements of the Breed Standard.

One thing they do not take well to is guarding. Many will bark at intruders, but then lick them to death when they actually get within range!