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1 General Information Request

This Committee page has been pared down as The Utonagan Society now exists purely as an information source.  We do still have a lot of archived health and pedigree data which we are happy to share if required, in relation to existing dogs, and if anyone has any updates of their own Utonagans' health we will gladly add that to the database.

Dawn and I are still available, if required, for any general enquiries and information or advice - as the rest of the site is being reduced to - but we're afraid we cannot help you find a Utonagan puppy at this time as neither of us are involved in breeding anymore. Regrettably we also no longer have the resources to rescue dogs; hence 'Former Welfare Co-ordinator'.

Title Name Phone
Breed Advisor/Database Manager Dawn Latham 01697 746444
Former Welfare Co-ordinator Naomi Simmonds 07500 115224
Other (non-committee) Contacts
Title Name
Website Admin Charis Simmonds